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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Clothing Optional Resorts

So take a minute and imagine stepping out of a luxurious suite onto a balcony overlooking the resort. You see a magnificent infinity pool wrapped with deck chairs and bronzed nude bodies basking under the tropical mid-day sun. Beyond lies a flawless white sand beach dotted with thatched umbrellas, where the waiter will serve you cold fruity drinks with the cute little umbrellas. And just a few feet away the turquiose waters of the Carribean. No city noise and no kids screaming, only the soothing sound of waves rolling up onto the beach and tropical birds calling from nearby palms.
Nude or clothing optional resorts are becoming more and more popular!
It is accepted a lot more, and it is great to just feel free.
There are wonderfully exotic resorts in the tropics all at very affordable rates. Most are all inclusive, which means for the one price, you get it all, the drinks (including alcohol), all your meal, and even entertainment is usually thrown in too!
Enjoy the sand between your toes and the hot sun on your backside without a care in the world. Be yourself or whoever you want to be at these resorts. It is a pretty laid back world. You wont be judged as you might at your local night club.
Places to go include Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, just to name a very few. Resorts
nudeMost resorts offers various spa treatments for guests as well. The spa offers a variety of massages and body wraps, as well as yoga classes, steam rooms, and skin exfoliation procedures.
Prices range from $130.00 a night per couple and up. I have even seen deals in Costa Rica for 500.00 a week per couple, all inclusive! Just take a look and book in advance for the best deals.
And because they are usually beach based, the regular activities are endless. There is snorkling, kayaking, jet skis, horseback riding, canopy tours, bird watching, beach combing, etc. you name it and it is usually available.
Top 10 reasons to visit a nude resort:
1. No tan lines
2. No need to take a vitamin D supplement
3. No laundry when you return from vacation
4. Waves don't knock off your swimsuit top
5. The natural look takes on a whole new meaning
6. Less luggage to check at airport
7. No shoes, no shirt, no problem!
8. No sand in swimsuit
9. Everyday is really casual Friday
10. Clothing optional resorts are just plain fun!