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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quick clips of the best NUDE Beaches

Monday, October 13, 2014

Caribbean Couples Cruise ( clothing optional) 2016

Couples Cruise


April 16-23, 2016


Itinerary: 8 Days and 7 Nights on the beautiful MSC Divina leaving Miami to St. Maarten, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas

Now this is the cruise to book! (yes you have plenty of time)

You will be on the MSC Divina.


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Sometimes Bigger IS better!

The MSC Divina is the largest lifestyle, full ship charter in the world. A beautiful ship that will hold over 3,500 people, this will be the biggest party at sea. No other nude or clothing optional cruise will be anywhere as big as this Couples Cruise. Sometimes size does matter...

Couples Cruise has chartered some awesome ships during the last several years, but none are finer than the MSC Divina. With over 1,700 cabins, it is the largest, clothing optional, full ship, lifestyle charter in the world.

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oceanview_stateroom interior_stateroom MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite MSC Yacht Club Executive & Family Suite

There is no other cruise that will make you forget the rest of the world like this one!

Leave all of your worries and your extra clothes at home.

There is parties at night with option costumes if you like or just come along in your own personal kick ass attire!

And what better place to lose your top ( and pants) than in the warm Caribbean!

IMG_0891 IMG_0920  IMG_0141 IMG_0166 

Lounge by the pool or hit cantina, all is optional here. 


The food is next to none and of course the drinks, well... they are fruity! hehehe!

The lifestyle and freedom on this vacation will make you hate going back to the real world.

No one judges and no one cares here, were all here to just kick it and be free!

So what will you be doing in 2016?

Book Now! ( before everyone else does)

Couples Cruise


DIVINA_013 DIVINA_012 DIVINA_011 DIVINA_010 DIVINA_004 DIVINA_003 DIVINA_050 msc_divina MSC1216389_DI_ShipExteropr_LRG