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Friday, August 26, 2011

The addiction of the hammock

     From the first time I fell into a hammock I was hooked. On an extra large porch overlooking the vast Caribbean Sea, with a light breeze, I sipped on a local beer. I lied there thinking of everything yet nothing really at all! All I wanted to do was to stretch my fins out a little and go snorkeling for the afternoon, but I was too relaxed. Too engulfed in the tranquility of it all.
     Now sometimes in mid afternoon before the chores are done, I sneak off to take a break in the hammock, but then get lost in the secret spell that the hammock has cast upon me. Can't seem to break it, or maybe I don't want to!
     Its almost like a kid and their blanky.  Curl up within it, grab a good book and I am in my own world.
Hammocks have been around forever and have been used for every occasion from camping to sailing. And why wouldn't they? It all sounds romantic to sleep on the ground until you wake 3 hours later with a stiff back.
      I have two, and of course there is a good one and a great one. When company comes over to shoot the breeze, I make sure that I am in the lead to get the great one. Childish maybe, but so true!
     And when I wake up in the middle of the night and cant sleep, I'll slip off to my hammock and stare at the stars pondering until I slip off into a coma! "Note to self"-  when you have to work in the morning don't forget the alarm clock  again!
      Addicted?? Yeah, sure you can say that!!

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