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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tools to help get the good stuff from the coconut

This tool is seen @ Young, and also seen in the Islands magazine.
Young has a lot of great info on coconuts and gives great presentations.
 And although on their website they have these tools for sale it looks like they are out at the moment, but you can find them on E-Bay for about 12-14 dollars! There different versions out there from different companies.

Please don't forget to buy a funnel! You will need it to add your favorite Coconut Rum!!
Young Coconut Opening Tool
Here is your chance to purchase a hard-to-find young coconut opening gadget.  This item is imported from Asia, and is rare.
This item would make a great gift for people that like to eat young, thai coconuts. Great for living or raw foodists.  Amaze your friends on how easily you will be able to get the water out of a young coconut!
This item is really easy to use:
1. Stick the coconut opener into the coconut.
2. Rotate the coconut opener right and then left while firmly pushing into the coconut.
3. The tool will cut through the coconut, then pull it out.
4. Use the cap to push the coconut plug out of the tool.
5. Place the cap back on the tool.

  • Will Open Young Thai Coconuts, also known as Green Coconuts (as shown below)
  • Will Open Young green coconuts in Husk (as shown below)
  • Not for opening older coconuts (white/brown) coconuts that are out of the husk.
  • This item is very sharp. Always be careful while using this tool.
  • Do not point it at anyone or push it to into a direction towards yourself. Use at your own risk.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Instructions are in not included in english. Please see picture below or instructions above.
  • It's a fairly easy tool to use. 
  • This item is sharp.  Please use caution when using this coconut knife or any other knife. 
Are you ready to make the fresh German chocolate cake? This is the tool to do it with! Dont forget the coconut bread! (drooling now!)
Coconut Shredder with Stainless Steel Blade
Here is your chance to purchase a hard-to-find mature coconut shredder.  This shredder allows you to make coconut shreds out of a mature coconut.  It will also work on a young coconut, but is not needed, as the young coconut meat is much softer.
This rare and hard-to-find item is imported from Asia.  This item has stainless steel blades with dual bearings and a wooden handle.  This item is sometimes also called a coconut grater or scraper.
This item is really easy to use:
1. Crack the mature coconut in half.
2. Clamp Shredder to a table or counter-top.
3. Hold half of the coconut with one hand and push it in towards the blades
4. Spin the handle so the blade contacts the coconut
5. Rotate coconut to shred different parts of the meat until all the meat is shredded.
Look at all the things you can do with the coconut shreds
  • Eat fresh
  • Use in recipes
  • Put the shreds in a "nut milk bag" and press out coconut milk
  • Dehydrate the shreds for dried coconut
  • Dehydrate the shreds and then run through a masticating juicer (A few times) with the blank plate to make your own coconut butter.
  • Dehydrate the shreds and then run through a masticating juicer with the juicing screen to make your own coconut oil.
Now this tool is simply amazing!! WoW! Talking about make a great coconut shrimp dish!
 Coconut Noodle Making
and Shredding Tool
The coconut noodle making tool allows you to make up to two foot long noodles out of 100% fresh coconut.
This tool is great for people that want to eat whole, real and raw food. 
The coconut noodle making tool works best on young thai coconuts that are more on the mature side.  It will also work on middle-aged (white) coconuts with flexible meat.  It does not work so well on the older brown coconuts, the meat tends to be more dry and flakey.
Using this tool is very easy.  Just insert it into the coconut meat, and turn the coconut.  
This unique tool allows you to make raw coconut noodles that are similar in texture to cooked noodles.
Just imagine all the ways you can use your coconut noodles:  In pasta and noodle dishes, in soups, in salads, eating straight, appetizers, deserts, rolling in sushi, and much, much more.
Benefits of the Coconut Noodle Making Tool
  • All Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Reinforced and spot welded which prevents bending and breakage of the cutters on the tool.
  • Convenient for travel.. Small and  compact size
  • Can also be used on hard vegetables such as carrots and zucchini.

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