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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Open a Bottle of beer

Ok, so in my last post I had found some really cool Corona flip flops and I was talking about how cool it would be to have a bottle opener the heel. But I figured everyone knew how to open a Corona without a beer opener. But... Well what if you dont? I mean no really Some folks may not know how to snap the top off of a nice cold Corona therefore getting really angry of not getting to drink

So I went on You-Tube and found a few clips for you guys to help re-leave the stress of not knowing how to.

Oh, and some notes, that some of these ideas are not recommended by me at all! You will see the ones that I am talking about!
Also after viewing the videos, I noticed there was none opening Coronas. So I would assume that everyone that drink Corona knows how!
And last but not least. First check to see f your bottle just twist off before you go through all this!! LOL!

Using A Piece Of Paper

This one I recommend and have tried. It is a little difficult like it is shown, but with practice becomes easier. Also to make it somewhat simpler, especially when drunk, You can place the thick paper against the bottom of the ca while holding it tight and hit the bottom of the paper with your palm and if the paper is tight enough it will just pop off.

Using A Lighter

This one is a good idea, but only if you have a back up lighter. Don't risk not being able to  have a cigar with this attempt.  But the trick is to Simply hold t tight and pop it quick. If you do it slow, all you will do is chip your lighter.
Most cases is that it works on the first 3 try's

Using Counter Top

If you have ever opened a beer without a bottle opener, this one is the one I would assumed that you have used the most. Its the easiest and safest (unless you chip the wife's counter, then its not safe anymore, just saying)

This is also recommended that you use quick motion to release the cap.

Works great on the edge of a BBQ pit too. I even have a BBQ grill with one on it, but I still use the edge of the grill! LOL!

Using A Chain Saw

Not recommended. Yeah I guess if you need to look cool and  like to get noticed,. But it takes time to get the saw, (and if yours is like mine, takes forever o get it started)

Makes too much noise for a time that should be quite and relaxing.

Also it spews oil along the chain. Do you really want to have that kind of favoring?

But hey, I guess if you had nothing else! (still woudn't do it! )

Using Your Teeth (Really?)

Not sure if there is a comment on this one. Unless you are on a deserted Island and there is no rocks are wood or anything, I just cant see this as an option But I am not brae enough to chip my teeth in attempts to impress someone. Although yes it looks cool, and I can see how that will definitely draw attention to your table (not sure it would get you laid). But again sometimes you have to know these things

There are other videos on how to use Cd's, and spoons, and car keys and everything under the moon, so just do a search if you are looking for new ideas to open the bottle.

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