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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Desire Resort

Now that the New Year is here, and it is cold out side (maybe even some snow) One can only dream of a tropical breeze kissing them on the cheek. If you are looking for an affordable getaway that only takes a few hours to get to, then Desire resort in Mexico is the place to venture.

This clothing optional resort is an all inclusive resort that includes everything including your drinks.
There is plenty of activities to keep you busy including snorkeling.
But if you just want to kick back and enjoy the spa, or lie out by the pool and let the icy fruit drinks take your stress away, then that is your option too.

Take on the night life and get your dance on and become that wild animal that has been eager to be let loose. The dance floor is hot, and the light show is seductive!

Sleep in in the morning or get up and watch the beautiful sunrise wake up. Its all your choice. Its about you.

So next time the weather man calls for single digits or a chance of snow again, call your travel agent and book a hammock at desire. may just keep you from going mad !

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