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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tampa Caliente Resort

Today on the clothing optional view were relaxing in Florida at the Caliente Tampa Resort
This Caribbean-Style Clothing Optional Luxury
is a captivating blend of solitude, exhilaration and sizzle that is ideal for the seasoned naturlist and first-time nudist alike.  Inside Caliente Tampa, you will be pampered, wined, dined, and treated with world-class sensitivity you so richly deserve.
Beautifully appointed Villas, Condominiums, vacation Casitas and Hotel Suites will become your secluded home away from home for a stay that might last but a week or two, yet the memories will last a lifetime.
Just outside your door, turquoise lagoons, a sapphire lake, sports and fitness facilities, tiki bars, mouth watering cuisine, and a Spa  are just a few of the many opportunities that beckon.
Plenty of activities to keep you entertained. from yoga and cardio to volley ball to club dancing at night. If you are bored it is because you want to be.
There is no lack of light when it comes to the ambient light at night. All the pools and the walkways are lit. Even the water fall is glowing for your relaxation by the pool.
If you are looking for the fine dining, then this is the spot. The food is devine and don’t forget the dessert.
There is plenty of events throughout the year to keep you entertained for whatever your schedule allows.
And of course all resorts have a spa, but this one will get you to buy a condo there and yes, they have condos for sale. If you think you would like to live or plan on a retirement in Florida, then why not stay at the resort, where the fun never stops!
If you would like to give this resort a try click on the link below. I was able to secure a limited time 3 day special for only 99 dollars. This will save you hundreds of dollars off the normal price.
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