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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scuba Diving Naked

So now your a certified scuba diver, feeling the cool water against your skin. And as your under water feeling free with all under there, you want more. well of course you do! Thats why your diving right? You want to  see and feel more than the norm? And you heard that the 100th dive you take you are supposed to do it nude, but not sure if you can wait. Then join the crowd and put a dive naked sticker on your tank and find a scuba club or scuba buddy that is willing to take on your adventures, Do remember that diving naked is illegal depending on where. ( just to get the legal bull out of the way)

There is nothing better than to be relaxed under water with the fish seeing the underwater world come alive, well except experiencing it in the buff,  those of you that have been naked out doors or skinny dipping or even flashed a float at Mardi Gras know what I am talking about, but this is even better! Warm water (say 82 degrees) dropping down to 50 - 60 feet lying on the bottom blowing bubble rings ( or at least trying too) naked and not caring because your next door neighbor cant call the law this time. No fence is needed.

Just Remember to take precautions against coral and other sharp objects.  ( yes had to put in the safety thing to.)  Its all fun and games until someone has to get stitches in their butt.

A surprising bonus of participating in the activity of naked scuba diving is that it also allows the diver to awaken to the undersea surroundings that encourages increased diving skills. An example is the rugged and sharp rocks, coral and cliffs that can snag and damage expensive scuba diving gear When you are actually feeling your surroundings directly on your skin, you awaken your senses and awareness which enforces a higher level of caution for your surroundings.
Just the fear of this happening can make divers more acutely aware of their buoyancy and other diving skills. Nude diving as a safety practice, what a concept! 

Join a dive club as soon as you can and plan your vacations around their tours, But warning, once you do, you may never dive in clothing again, such an intriguing feeling!

Here is a few dive clubs and websites.
Nautical Nudist
Buff Divers  ( Hold the record in nude dives)
Hedo Divers  (Toms trips--not a club but will offer nude dives)

If you have a nude Diving club or would like to start one hit me up, its in demand! I'll even help build your social site for you.

And for all my people that know me, there is a small Island off the coast of Belize that is trying to get noticed and some response. It will be a great place to kick back naked and not have the resort atmosphere trying to push their gift shop down your pocket book, it is called Nudist Island Village
 This will also be  in a great spot for diving nude. Its not ready yet, but please go over and like their page and give your suggestion or ask questions, nice enough folk and looking for the same thing we are, privacy and freedom!


  1. Beautiful photos of what you see under the water!

    1. It seems always more beautiful under than above Mr Nudist, thanks for the comment

    2. Perhaps yourself and others will find good diving of the coast of the Island in Belize I know that there is GREAT diving out at the "Blue Hole" on the east side of Ambergris Caye or (that's what I've read).

    3. Yes, I have lots of info on belize, and the blue hole also. I never have been. I usually end up in Honduras. And I do know of a resort on the end of an island that caters to nudist, kind of a private resort. But anywhere clear and secluded is fine by me lol

    4. Sandalsonly, r u referring to Paya Bay on Roatan?

    5. Yes, cc50, thats the one, The Paya Bay is a nice resort, and has trys to cater to the nudist, and their staff is trained as well.
      Thanks for the update! ;)

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